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Ok lets get you started to free pc help. Step one, click here and download "hi jack this".its about 739.9 kilobytes

Once you have downloaded the program run it, (you may have to click on "open" or "run"). This will open the install window

Click on "install" and you will see a new window open up

Click on "Do a system Scan and Save A Log Report" When the program is complete it will have opened a notepad document. Feel Free to close to PROGRAM but Leave the note pad open..


Please click HERE to go to Cyber Tech Help Forum Registration page..
You will be asked your birthday

Then you will be asked to agree to their terms (its ok iv read it)

After you proceed there, you will fill out a basic profile.. Once you have done this, you can proceed to step three


From the main Page of Please click on "support" as in the pic below

Then click on Windows forum for your version of Windows

Then click on "new topic"

You will be taken to the following page

Title your message "computer infected: Dont know what"
Now.. Remember that note pad? go back to it, and right click inside the box.. click on "select all" and when its all highlighted do it again. This time select "Copy".

Now Go Back to the forum message board and in the big White box Right click and select "PASTE"
After that just click on "submit new topic" and give them about a day to look over your log and they will walk you through getting it cleaned up..